How to censor beep words with
Adobe Premiere Pro?

There are 2 ways to censor beep your videos with Adobe Premiere Pro. Checkout this video or read the step-by-step guide below

Step by Step Tutorial

1. First you need to get a censor beep sound. You can click this link to download any censor beep sounds for free (also copyright free)!

2. Then, open Adobe Premiere Pro. Click on the projects folder and, import your mp3 beep sound and the video you want to beep. When you have done that, drag your video file onto a new timeline.

3. Next, separate the audio from the video by clicking this icon. Now the boring part comes, We need to go through the whole video and search for inappropriate words.

4. We use the slice tool from the toolbox and cut away the words we selected. Just select the part and click delete.

5. Last but not least drag the censor beep audio file and position it at the blank audio space onto a separate timeline.

6. That’s it. Now you censor beeped a video with adobe premiere pro.

Special Tipp: automate it

Don’t want to do it manually?

We created a free tool which let’s you upload your video, and get it automatically beeped back.

If you want to beep your video for free, just click this link!

Currently only English videos are supported. You don’t speak English in your videos? No problem! Write us an email with the language you want to be supported and we may include it soon! 

See you next time!